You Won't Believe What Some People Eat in Their Sleep

There’s a rare condition that causes “sleep-eating”

People have been reported to have eaten butter-topped cigarettes in their sleep. 

Have you ever woken up in the morning surrounded by candy bar wrappers? Probably not, but some people do: they have a condition that’s called nocturnal sleep-related eating disorder. Despite its name, it’s not exactly an eating disorder, but rather, according to ANRED, a sleep disorder that’s related to sleepwalking. Up to 9 million people in the United States have this condition, which compels them to get out of bed in the middle of the night (up to four times) and eat food that tends to be in high in fat and sugar — or, occasionally, things that aren’t even food at all. Here are five truly wild things that people have eaten while completely asleep.

Mayonnaise From the Jar
Because sleep-eaters tend to go for the unhealthiest thing they can find, some will eat a whole jar of mayonnaise, straight.

A Buttered Cigarette
Nicotine withdrawal has been found to cause the disorder, so buttering up and eating a cigarette (or smoking a cigarette while eating something else) isn’t too surprising.

Unthawed Frozen Food
Some NS-RED sufferers have experienced severe tooth damage because they’ve taken food right out of the freezer and eaten it.

An Entire Bottle of Ketchup
One woman profiled by the Huffington Post downed an entire bottle of ketchup in one sitting. 

Salt Sandwiches and Raw Bacon
The same article reports that just about anything imaginable has been consumed by sleep-eaters, including raw bacon, salt sandwiches, cat food, and even ammonia.

Entire Meals
The sleep aid Ambien has been linked to sleep-eating, and some people have reported cooking entire meals for themselves in their sleep. Occasionally it’s just a sandwich, but users of the medication may fry bacon and eggs and attempt to prepare full meals, which can result in burns, cuts, and other injuries. 

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