You Won't Believe These Things KFC Has Fried (Slideshow)

How do these make it into the deep fryer?

2014: Hand Towel

In June 2014, a woman and her stepson ordered chicken nuggets at a U.K. location of the chain, and when the 7 year-old boy bit into a piece he discovered that it didn’t contain any chicken, just a rock-hard blue hand towel. KFC apologized and offered the mother of two a free meal; it doesn’t look like she’ll be suing. 

2013: Kidney

In 2013, another UK resident, this time in Essex, got quite a shock when he was pulling meat off the bone of his fried chicken meal and encountered a “horrible wrinkled foreign body." He thought that it might have been a brain, but KFC confirmed that it was in fact a kidney. 

2012: Head

AP Photo

In 2012, a woman and her kids ate dinner at a KFC in Virginia, only to discover a whole battered and fried head in their bucket. 

2005: Salmonella

One of the biggest nightmares in KFC history happened in 2005, when a 7-year-old Australian girl and her family fell ill after eating salmonella-infected KFC Twister wrap. The girl suffered salmonella encephalopathy, leading to brain damage, a blood infection, and septic shock. The girl, now severely disabled, is wheelchair-bound, and the family won a court case against the chain in 2012, awarding them $8.3 million. 

2014: Raw Chicken

A woman who ordered two fried chicken sandwiches in San Diego discovered to her horror, after biting into one, that it was completely raw. The manager told her husband that the deep-fryers had broken down and the restaurant continued serving food as if everything was okay. The manager was reportedly fired soon after, but the chain denied that the firing had anything to do with serving raw chicken. 

2012: Raw Chicken

In 2012, a Reddit user uploaded a photo of what appears to be a chicken sandwich with a bite taken out of it, revealing completely raw chicken beneath. The photo was taken at a location in Ontario, Canada, and it’s unclear what the chain’s response was. 

2012: Spoiled Chicken

It’s KFC company policy that chicken needs to be sold a maximum of 10 days after being slaughtered, but in 2012 employees at one location in Conroe, Tex. were forced to serve chicken that was 16 days old, even though it apparently smelled so bad that it nearly made one worker throw up. There’s no evidence that the spoiled meat was actually served, but the location was shut down for a week and all employees were re-trained in food safety. 

2012: Green Chicken

When chicken isn’t served by the expiration date on the package, it begins to smell and turn green, but employees at one location in Oregon were forced by the franchise owner to sell it anyway. A manager who was forced to serve rotten chicken and produce sued the franchise owner in 2012, also claiming that when he refused to serve it he was fired.