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You Won't Believe These 10 Over-the-Top Mac & Cheese Dishes

Plain old mac and cheese never looked so dull

Macaroni and cheese is one of those foods that’s perfect just the way it is: as a mixture of macaroni and cheese. But that’s not stopping anybody from turning it into completely outrageous creations! We tracked 10 of the wildest plays on this classic comfort food in America.

You Won't Believe These 10 Over-the-Top Mac & Cheese Dishes (Slideshow)

For most of us, our earliest memories of mac and cheese come courtesy of the blue Kraft box or its creamier Velveeta cousin. You could argue that even in its simplest form, mac and cheese is essentially perfect as it is, no augmentation needed. But throughout the country, chefs are making this dish their own, thinking outside the blue box and putting spins on it that take it out of the realm of the ordinary and elevate it to new heights.

Some restaurants go highbrow, using only the finest ingredients, high-end cheeses, and luxury add-ons like truffles and lobster. Others take a more lowbrow approach, kicking up their creations with things like pulled pork and Buffalo wings. And others turn the whole format on its head, turning the dish into a completely different food, like pancakes or waffles.

Macaroni and cheese, when it comes down to it, is a blank, delicious canvas. Like burgers and hot dogs, it can be enjoyed with no frills whatsoever, and plenty of restaurants are serving absolutely stunning renditions of the dish using only pasta and cheese sauce. But why stop there, when you can go as crazy with it as you want? Read on to learn about 10 renditions of macaroni and cheese that are about as over-the-top as it gets. 

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