You Should Try Every Dish on Haru’s New Happy Hour Menu

Executive chef Steven Ferdinand has created a menu made for post-work sampling with complete abandon

Haru’s spicy wasabi fritters.

If you’ve ever opened the menu at a Japanese restaurant and thought, “Wow, so many of these look good, I’ll just have to order all of them” and have never followed through, have we got good news for you.

The new Happy Hour menu at Haru gives you the chance to get a little crazy with your sampling. While these debut items are intended to be light bites, a series of them can easily become a meal, with each dish coming in under $8.

Offerings include kushiage: skewers of flash-fried shrimp and avocado with yuzu ponzu sauce; a delectable four-piece Yuga roll with spicy salmon, lemon, and cucumber rolled in rice, sesame, seeds and nori before being topped with eel and masago and served with spicy mayo; a soy and curry-braised tempura short rib with romaine lettuce, herb salad, and pickled onions; spicy wasabi fritters seasoned with Ichimi Togarashi red pepper flakes and infused with shiitake mushrooms and slow-cooked spare ribs marinated in lemongrass and chiles.

Executive chef Steven Ferdinand said that he wanted to create a menu “bursting with interesting flavors.”


“We’re using a North African method of preserving lemons to add a sweet, salty, lemony punch to a traditional Japanese Maki roll,” he said. “My focus was to activate your palate with ingredients like Thai peppers, smoked salts, and lemongrass-infused marinades