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You Need to See McDonald’s New Minion-Themed Menu

Minions are invading McDonald’s, and it’s despicable how much we love these new menu items
minion toy

The plastic figurines are just one of many fun minion themed items being sold at McDonald's.

If you thought the days of the squishy lovable characters first seen in Despicable Me were over, you were so wrong. How do you make yellow, squeaky cartoons even cuter? Use them as inspiration for food.

And McDonald’s just did. People are going crazy over the fun-shaped foods and flocking to participating McDonald’s locations to get in on the action.

Tragically, these adorable menu items are only available in Singapore. Although, based on America’s unhealthy history with minions and junk food, that might be for the best.

But even though we’re stuck with FOMO, we can still raid social media to get our fix.

So what’s on the menu?

1. A Yellow Minion Cone

Yellow ice cream in a bright blue cone — a neon lover’s dessert dream come true. The colors of this sweet swirl remind everyone of our favorite mini yellow characters, blue pants and all.

2. Potato Nuggets


These fried potatoes are not only a genius version of the classic French fry, but they’re also too cute to be true. One consumer described them as “mashed potatoes encased in a hash brown-like exterior.” Sounds great to us!


3. Iced Banana Chocolate


The only real thing that could make chocolate milk better: getting banana involved. Bananas are a major mood-booster, and we’d be willing to bet they taste even better blended into chocolate milk.

4. Banana Pie

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McDonald’s took their classic apple pie and went bananas — literally. Using the same apple pie crust, they filled their delightful pockets with mashed banana filling to make them yellow like our brightly colored friends.

5. Happy Meal Toys

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We might be willing to travel to Singapore just for these. The toys in the bag are, for a limited time, tiny figurines of the Despicable Me characters — and we want them all.

If you can’t make it to Singapore for the Despicable Me 3-inspired menu, get your fix wherever you are by laughing at these 15 Spectacular McDonald’s Fails.