You’ll Never Guess What Flavor the Green Haribo Gummy Bear Actually Is

It’s not lime…
green gummy bear

Gummy bears actually look pretty bizarre close up.

The gummy bear is one of those treats that’s impossible to pass up, and that everybody ends up eating a lot more than they originally intend to. But even if you’re a regular gummy bear eater, we bet that you can’t tell us what the flavor of the green Haribo “Gold Bear” is.

We’ll give you three guesses: Lime? Nope. Green apple? Wrong again. Kiwi? Three strikes and you’re out. So what’s the flavor? Strawberry!

Yes, even though strawberries aren’t green (OK, the tops are green), the Haribo folks decided that green would be the best color for this flavor. Red was already taken by raspberry, and red, orange, green, and yellow are the standard colors. As you might expect, orange is orange and yellow is lemon. There’s also a colorless gummy bear in there; it’s pineapple-flavored.

Trolli is also a major seller of gummy bears in the United States, and its colors are a little more straightforward: The red bear is strawberry, green is lime, orange is orange, lemon is yellow, and clear is grape. 

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