You Have To Touch A Banana To Get This Office's WiFi Password

Thanks to a sly network administrator, visitors to one company in Denmark must take hold of a banana in order to obtain guest WiFi access, a task that probably makes them feel quite silly, but has brought a lot of happiness to the Internet. On Reddit, systems administrator Sysival described his fruit-centric answer to the problem of customer service.

"I was tasked with setting up a captive portal [the webpage that is used to log into guest WiFi access, like those used at hotel chains or to access public WiFi], and creating 8 hour vouchers in a spreadsheet. I don't do spreadsheets.

"So I put the vouchers in a Raspberry PI, and hooked it up to a banana. When you touch the banana, you get an eight-hour voucher for our guest WiFi. The PI has 5000 eight-hour vouchers. We are open 200 days a year. If we have 10 guests a day, then this will work unattended for a couple of years easily. No more printing of vouchers. No nagging receptionist."

This method does mean, however, that it's someone's job to make weekly trips to the grocery store for more WiFi bananas.