You Can Win A Christmas Breakfast With Donald Trump

Do you want to eat breakfast with Donald Trump? Well, now you can. On November 12, the Republican National Committee announced a contest that would allow one "lucky" winner to partake in a Christmas-themed breakfast with the president in New York City on December 2. The grand prize also includes free transportation, hotel, and a photo with 45 — all valued at $3,000.

A link provided by the GOP's verified Twitter account brings you to a fundraising page for It invites participants to donate anywhere from $3 and up to enter the contest. But in the fine print, there's a link to enter the raffle for free. American citizens and "green card holders" over 18-years-old can enter to win from now through November 27.

But to many, this sounds like a meal that'd turn their stomachs. Tons of replies to the GOP tweet look as if they belong to the world's worst game of "would your rather."

"I'd rather walk across a mile of Legos barefoot," @TopRopeTravis wrote.

"I'd rather have a root canal ... on every tooth in my mouth," @PatsSoxFran said, to which @barbramon1 replied, "Without Novocain."

"I'd rather chew on aluminum foil in a pool full of crocodiles," @chepaitis wrote.

"I would rather eat chards of broken pottery," @watt_laura said.

One user, @BarneyKlein19, went out quite the rant. He claims he would rather "eat tacos filled with armpit hair ad used baby wipes," or "a pizza topped with thumbtacks and shredded Brillo Pads."

Others are jumping at the chance to dine with the Don. @TaraMon38740381 tweeted, "I would love for myself and my husband and daughter to have breakfast with President Donald Trump. He has been a Godsend to my family."

@jynexed32 kept it short and sweet. He wrote, "Would be awesome."

At this time, it's unclear where the festive breakfast will take place or what will be on the menu. We speculate it could be bacon and eggs or cornflakes with virgin bloody marys — all notable items in the complete guide the Donald Trump's favorite foods.