You Can Return Almost Anything You Buy At Trader Joe's

Most supermarkets don't boast a very forgiving returns policy. If you buy something, open it up and take a taste, and simply don't like it, you're basically stuck with it — it's not like the supermarket can restock it. The only opened package that supermarkets tend to accept as a return is spoiled meat, because it's their fault for selling it to you in the first place. But Trader Joe's does things a little bit differently.

From the grocer's website:

"We're sure the best way to figure out if you like something is to try it; so, that's what we want you to do. Try out that exotic-sounding dish you've never tried before — we think you're going to like it. But if you don't, you're covered. Just bring back whatever you haven't eaten and we'll refund your money, no questions asked. It might sound like a food-lover's fantasy, but for us it's just the way we do business.

In the simplest terms: Try it. We think you'll like it. If you don't, bring it back for a full refund."

That's right: If you buy something at Trader Joe's and don't like it, even if it's a half-eaten frozen entrée, you can return it for a refund. The reason behind this policy is pretty smart: You're more likely to experiment with a somewhat risky purchase if you know that you can just get your money back if you don't like it, so you're likely to spend more. It's actually pretty brilliant, and it definitely works out for us!