You Can Find 2 Of The Best Burritos In America In Portland, Oregon

To pay homage to the beloved burrito, we compiled our third-annual ranking of our country's best. In order to do this, we supplemented our past research with suggestions from our knowledgeable editors, as well as asking you, our readers, to write in, letting us know where you get your favorite burrito. We then dug through online reviews and best-of lists that were published since our 2014 ranking to make sure we haven't missed any great new ones.

We divided the more than 130 burritos that made our shortlist by region and asked nearly 40 burrito experts — among them the Burrito Eater, Charles Hodgkins, and Justin Bolois of First We Feast— to weigh in and vote. We presented the 35 that came out on top, and as it turns out, two reside in Portland, Oregon.

King Burrito is a true local gem, turning out expertly prepared creations that are wildly delicious. While the carnitas and carne asada are stellar, they named one offering the King Burrito because it's the best on their menu, and it's a monster: chile relleno, refried beans, and steak picado (diced steak mixed with tomatoes, onions, and chiles), topped with homemade avocado sauce, and served in a giant flour tortilla.

The steak picado burrito is so good, it placed #7 in our survey, out performing the only other burrito from Portland to make the list: the al pastor at Taquería y Panadería de la Santa Cruz (#35). This means that while both are worthy of high praise, King Burrito's steak picado gets the title of the Best Burrito in Portland, and the seventh best in the country.