Yorkshire Pudding Pizza Is The Best Of The UK And The US In One

U.K. grocer Morrisons has launched a Yorkshire pudding pizza in honor of Yorkshire Pudding Day (February 3) and it's the best combination of U.K. and U.S. culture we've ever seen.

There is hardly anything more British than Yorkshire pudding made in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, and there is nothing more American than adding cheese to all foods. 

For those unfamiliar with Yorkshire pudding, it is an English staple made from a batter of eggs, flour, and milk or water. It is typically bowl shaped (due to the way it's cooked) and therefore prime for filling with cheese, meats, and sauces, as Morrisons has discovered.

Jenny Dixon, the Yorkshire Pudding expert at Morrisons told the Independent, "Everyone loves Yorkshire pudding and everyone loves pizza, so we are combining the two to create the ultimate comfort food for Yorkshire Pudding Day."

"The crust is made the same way as a typical Yorkshire pudding and is topped the same way as one of our pizzas. We're looking forward to hearing what customers think but we hope that they'll love it," Dixon explained.

Fans on Twitter already seem to love the idea.

The £3 pizzas are available in two flavors: "Classic Pepperoni" which is just as it sounds, and "Meat Feast" topped with mini meatballs, pepperoni, spicy beef, and jalapeños. The "pizzas" will be available for a limited time from February 1 to February 20. Never had a Yorkshire pud? It's one of the 10 British foods Americans love.