Yahoo Shutters Its Food Section

Yahoo Food, the digital food offshoot from the search giant, has been placed on the chopping block as part of massive cuts, one of its editors has confirmed. Yahoo's editor in chief is Kerry Diamond, the founder of Cherry Bombe. 

Earlier this year, Yahoo at large announced that it would cut 15 percent of its workforce and to pursue a "reverse spin" that would allow the struggling company to simplify, "narrowing its focus on areas of strength to better fuel growth, drive revenue and increase efficiency in 2016 and beyond." The company's new plan will shutter all of Yahoo's online magazines, of which there are 15 in total. Some of those magazine topics will be incorporated into Yahoo News.

Over the last several months, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has been blamed for a number of poor leadership decisions and the company's steeply declining morale. Yahoo's activist investors, like Starboard Value, have campaigned for new management and a change in strategy.

One recent New York Times profile of the company even compared Mayer to Eva Peron, "the former first lady of Argentina whose outsize ego and climb to power and wealth were chronicled in the musical of that name."

The move will displace a team of editors including Stephanie Smith, the woman who famously accepted her boyfriend's challenge of making him 300 unique sandwiches in order to get a proposal. He proposed at sandwich 256, and the exposure helped Smith, once a reporter at Page Six, to be appointed Yahoo's senior food editor.