The World’s Best Snack Packaging

Sometimes the wrapping is as delicious as what's inside

Chia Pods come with their own attached spoon.

The package that our favorite snack comes in is something that we tend not to give much thought to. Its primary function is to just tell us the name of the product, after all, and maybe a little bit about its nutritional content and ingredients. But when was the last time that a snack’s packaging really made you take notice? These nine packages certainly will.

The World’s Best Snack Packaging (Slideshow)

Walking around the supermarket, we’re exposed to literally thousands of different packaging designs. Food companies spend millions of dollars making sure that all their packaging is modern (or intentionally "old-fashioned'), eye-catching, and communicative, and has that certain special something that makes your subconscious say “I want to buy that.” At the same time, if a product has been around for decades, the packaging needs to be updated but still familiar enough that your brain quickly identifies it (for an example, look at this vintage box of Corn Flakes and compare it to today’s design; all the indicators, from the rooster to the bowl of cereal with strawberries, are still there, but it's somehow new). When a company completely overhauls its product’s packaging design, it usually indicates an overall shift in marketing strategy, and you don’t see those too often. Two prime examples are Mountain Dew (which initially had a hillbilly theme) and Marlboro cigarettes, which were originally marketed to women.

A product’s packaging doesn’t just tell you about the product; it tells you what the product is trying to be and who it’s trying to market to. A big, bright, loud package communicates a different message than one that’s sleek, classy, and minimalist. And if a product is a luxury item, you can usually tell just by looking at the package; see Godiva’s shiny gold ballotin as a prime example.

If a company wants to stand out from the pack, its packaging needs to be excellent. This can come down to graphic design or the design of the package itself — some of the best snack packaging in the world might actually even make you laugh out loud. It’s not easy to design a perfect package, but these companies really nailed it. Read on to see nine of the best-designed snack packages from the U.S. and around the world.

Fit Buns

This Ukrainian company produces high-protein bread with a coupon for a free gym visit inside every box. How appropriate (and funny), then, for the box to feature a guy lifting his shirt to reveal washboard abs — which are actually the buns inside the box.

Bla Bla Cookies


Designed by students at a Moscow school of art and design, this cylindrical container features a cartoon face. You open it up by peeling away the flap where the mouth is, revealing a mouth full of cookies