Hunter 486

Photo courtesy The Arch and Hunter 486.

A Wonderful Surprise at London's Hunter 486

Exciting ingredients as well as traditional British fare
Hunter 486

Photo courtesy The Arch and Hunter 486.

The bar at Hunter 486.

Going into a London restaurant that touts traditional British fare, one wouldn’t expect anything exotic on the menu. We didn’t. That’s why when we walked into Hunter 486, the restaurant/brasserie/bar situated inside the boutique Arch Hotel named after the nearby impressive 1827 Marble Arch under which only members of the royal family and the King’s Troop, Royal Horse Artillery, are allowed to pass through, the cuisine was a wonderful surprise.

Photo courtesy The Arch

The menu at Hunter 486 (named after the original telephone exchange in this area of London) in addition to the expected English lamb, beef, minted peas, halibut and buttered spinach, was dotted with relatively exciting British exotica. Examples: “samphire,” which is a vibrant green-stalk vegetable similar to baby asparagus, with a distinctive crisp and salty taste, and grows along the coast of the UK. “Courgettes,” a summer squash similar to zucchini, were chargrilled at Hunter 486, and Chantenay carrots, said to be the sweetest and crispest version of that common vegetable, were chargrilled, and “Jersey Royals,” delicate English potatoes, were crushed and wrapped in a roll of ham and mixed with a confit fillet of hake and asparagus and topped with hollandaise sauce.

Photo courtesy Hunter 486 Restaurant.

We were offered “soused Cornish mackerel, Parmesan crusted poached egg with a tomato and olive dressing, pressed Norfolk Black chicken terrine and linguini with a wild garlic pesto,” even though it was Sunday and time for the restaurant’s traditional Sunday roast. Going with tradition, and being in London for only a short time, we ordered the standard roast beef, roast potatoes, and a Yorkshire pudding that came in the form of a puffy taco shell but tasted as traditional as English Yorkshire pudding had a right to be in London town.

Hunter 486 Restaurant’s very British beef roast with Yorkshire pudding.

The desserts at Hunter 486 roam much further than the usual sticky toffee pudding, delving into pineapple carpaccio with lime sorbet and passion fruit jelly, or white chocolate and blood orange crème brulee. We opted for a yummy cherry terrine and yogurt ice cream.

It was a beautiful meal from start to finish, inside a lovely hotel living up to the elegance of the triumphal Carrera marble arch at the juncture of Oxford Street, Park Lane and Edgware Road.

Hunter 486 is located in

50 Great Cumberland Place, Marylebone, London W1H 7FD UK

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