This Woman's Crohn's Disease Was Actually Just Ketchup Packets

A U.K. woman's case was published in the British Medical Journal after her diagnosed Crohn's disease turned out to be parts of Heinz ketchup packets perforating her small intestines. According to the medical journal, this 41-year-old woman suffered from what was believed to be symptoms of Crohn's disease for six years before doctors surgically intervened.

People who suffer from the gastrointestinal disease frequently feel abdominal cramping and tenderness, bloating, vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea, but the symptoms can often be treated. However, should the body not respond to treatment, surgical intervention is necessary. When the woman was operated on, doctors found an inflamed mass on the woman's small intestine. Inside the mass they found two pieces of plastic with the Heinz logo (believed to be from a ketchup sachet).

According to The Guardian, the woman's symptoms went away almost immediately and have not returned in the five months since her procedure. The woman cannot remember eating anything with ketchup packets in it, and we cannot think of any reason why anyone would. But we can think of 10 medical reasons to drink more beer! One of them being that it boosts your memory...