Wolferman's Breaks a Guinness World Record with 1,149-Pound Cinnamon Roll

The previous record amounted to only 609
World's Largest Cinnamon Roll

Wolferman's Gourmet Bakery Chain broke a Guinness World Record with this 1,149 lb cinnamon roll.

The big bun was made in Oregon.

Wolferman’s gourmet bakery broke a Guinness World Record for creating the largest cinnamon bun, weighing in at an astounding 1,149 pounds, which exceeds the average weight of an adult moose. The previously held record amounted to only 609. 

Wolferman’s gargantuan sweet treat — which was made at the Harry & David Corporate Campus in Medford, Oregon — stretches 9 feet long, but if someone were to unravel the dough, it would be nearly as long as the Seattle Space Needle is high. Local bakers who made the tremendous treat used specialized equipment and a custom-made 6-by-9-foot stainless steel pan to create and cook more than 800 pounds of cinnamon dough.

Of course, there are no conventional ovens big enough to fit this fella. The engineering and mechanical teams who built the 1,400-pound pan mounted powerful propane burners underneath to heat the ingredients. And that’s how a 1,149-pound cinnamon roll is born.

giant cinnamon bun

Courtesy of Wolferman's

Wolferman’s will be selling slices of the behemoth bun for $2 per piece at the annual Pear Blossom Festival in Medford, where the company is headquartered. The celebration honors Rogue Valley’s artisan foods, flavors, and outstanding chefs. All profits made from the cinnamon roll will be donated to the Teresa McCormick Center, a local community resource dedicated to providing education, assistance, and connection for those in need.

giant cinnamon bun

Courtesy of Wolferman's

To celebrate the Guinness World Record, Wolferman’s is also offering a limited-edition 5-pound version of its colossal confection. The $50 monster is made with 80 ounces of dough, cinnamon sugar, and enough cream cheese frosting to fill the bellies of 40 guests.

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