Wingstop Location Under Investigation After Employee Is Filmed Touching Her FACE To A Bucket Of Raw Chicken

A Wingstop location in Thornton, Colorado, is facing a health department investigation after an employee was filmed pressing her face into a bucket of raw chicken while other employees laughed.

Footage of the salmonella-spreading act was filmed by a customer, Lizzie Pressel, who sent it to local news station, KDVR-TV, a Fox affiliate.

"I was disgusted," Pressel said. "That's your work. I mean it comes down to work ethic. It's your job, you need to have respect." The location has not had any major health code violations in the past, and the franchise owner, Aaron Zipp, said that the chicken was not served to customers.

"As the owner of this Wingstop location, I am taking this issue very seriously," Zipp said in a statement. "The health and safety of our customers is of the utmost importance to myself and to the Wingstop brand and the actions displayed in this video are not acceptable.

"We have an established and positive 13-year track record with the Tri-County Health Department and have a zero-tolerance policy for the mishandling of our food. We have confirmed that the food in the video was not served to customers and was immediately thrown away after the video was taken. This was obviously a poor judgement call made by the employee and we are taking immediate steps to resolve the situation."

When made aware of the footage, the Tri-County Health Department confirmed that it would launch an investigation into the matter.