Why You're A Bad Person If You Order Your Steak Well-Done

We're just going to come out and say it: You're a bad person if you order your steak well-done.

We understand that 50 years ago, people tended to cook the crap out of their meat to prevent any risk of disease from eating "undercooked" protein. But times have changed, and your palate should have as well.

First of all, steak cooked to medium-rare or medium tastes better. It's tender, juicy, and actually tastes like beef as opposed to a charred hockey puck. Ever thought you'd be able to cut a steak with a butter knife? You can if it's a decent, properly cooked steak.

Second, if you're squeamish about the pink, buck up. If you're still calling the juices "blood," stop that too. You know just as well as I that it's not blood, for Pete's sake. It's water mixed with a protein called myoglobin — it's the protein that makes the meat red.

Finally, if you're in a restaurant and you order well-done steak, not only will you get an exasperated sigh from the chef, he'll also go out of his way to find the oldest, closest-to-rotten steak he's got to cook for you, because when something's been burned beyond all recognition you'll be unable to tell that it's of poor quality.

Do us a favor and wean yourself off the well-done steak. The next time you order a steak, order it medium-well. Tastes better, doesn't it? Medium tastes even better.