Why You Should Stop Worrying and Love Spam

Spam is a national treasure

There's no way that this doesn't taste good. 

Spam is one of the most underappreciated foods in existence. Just think about it: It’s canned meat in a time when fresh meat is abundant and cheap; it’s an unnatural shade of pink; it’s a bit of an acquired taste; and it’s absolutely loaded with fat, calories, and sodium. Yes, Spam is one of the unhealthiest foods in existence, but it’s also a food that you should stop worrying about and just love already.

Do you like bacon? Do you like salami? Do you like hot dogs? If so, then you have no reason to not also like Spam. This is especially true of hot dogs; Those things are basically Spam tubes encased in intestines.

Spam contains nothing to be afraid of: It’s just ground pork shoulder and ham mixed with salt, water, potato starch, sugar, and nitrites (the curing salt that makes bacon and hot dogs pink). That’s it.


So here’s a challenge: The next time you’re in the supermarket, pick up a can of Spam. Cut off a thin slice, brown it up on both sides in a skillet, and make a grilled cheese with the slice of Spam in the middle. Take a bite, and any stigma that might have surrounded it in the past will quickly fade away. Your distaste for Spam is most likely just a fear of the unknown; We’re not saying that it’s something you should eat every day, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.