Who knew? Waffle House Has Been Releasing Songs On its Own Record Label for Decades

Who knew? Waffle House has been releasing songs on its own record label for decades
Waffle House Music


Want some syrupy sweet sounds with your waffles?

If you’re in a Waffle House, it is closer to a side of cheese.

But the breakfast a chain has been pumping out singles on its own record label since the mid-1980s, according to NPR.

The songs range range from gospel to bluegrass to rock & roll –and, of course, include some

company branding that can make you long for those mini diner jukeboxes. 

A taste of some of the 40 songs they've produced over the years include, "There Are Raisins in My Toast", "A B-side With Your Bacon?", "They're cooking up my Order," and "Color Me Gone."

Shelby White, who heads Waffle Records told NPR that the songs lift the mood and send a message.

"So, it's not 'Waffle House, Waffle House, Waffle House' over and over again," she says. "It's about our food. It's about our people. It's about the things that happen if you just sit in a Waffle House and listen to the conversations around you. We try to represent all that to some degree in the songs."

Want a taste?  If you want to hear more you can buy the 2011 Waffle House album for $8.99 on Amazon.


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