Chefs from Who The Food World Lost in 2012 Slideshow

Who The Food World Lost in 2012 Slideshow

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Jorge Herrera and Carl Magnus Lindgren: These chefs, from Heston Blumenthal’s famous The Fat Duck restaurant, were visiting Hong Kong to host a private event, and were killed when their taxi collided with a bus.

Anthony Sedlak, 29 (left): This Canadian celebrity chef, best known as host of Food Network Canada’s The Main, died from undisclosed causes in July.

Art Ginsburg, 81: Best known as Mr. Food, Ginsburg was known for his 90-second televised cooking lessons. A trained butcher who shunned haute cuisine in favor of simple preparations, he took an "anybody can do it" approach with a philosophy of "The less steps the better; the less ingredients the better."

Liu Jun, 38: This Chinese chef was visiting Australia, and decided to forage for mushrooms to prepare for himself and kitchen hand Tsou Hsiang for dinner. While he thought he was picking edible straw mushrooms, when in fact he picked the world’s deadliest variety, the Death Cap mushroom. Both died soon after from liver failure.