Which Presidential Candidate Swears by Raw Jalapeño Peppers as a Weight Loss Secret?

Among all the White House hopefuls, no other candidate has been so closely scrutinized about their weight
Which Presidential Candidate Swears by Raw Jalapeño Peppers as a Weight Loss Secret?

Photo Modified: Flickr/Alice Henneman/CC 2.0

As one of the most talked-about politicians for decades, one nominee is not taking any chances with their campaign trail diet.

As the list of White House contenders gets slimmer, so must the remaining presidential candidates, who face plenty of fried forms of stress relief on the campaign trail.

For the current generation of nominees, the pressure to look fit for the job is particularly intense. And for Hillary Clinton, whose looks have constantly been a subject of media coverage, warranted or otherwise, there’s little wiggle room.

Since announcing her intention to run in the spring, Clinton’s diet has been about avoiding the extra pounds that come with the stress of constant competition and the many campaign stops where restauranteurs try their best to be seen feeding the potential next president. At the moment, her biggest dietary aid is the raw hot pepper — specifically jalapeños if available, which Clinton finds “so refreshing.”

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“During 2008, there was not a day or a minute that went by that we didn't have a full plate of raw jalapenos,” said Jamie Smith, a campaign aid for Clinton’s presidential bid in 2008, told The Associated Press. “She ate them like potato chips.” Smith “once received a pep talk from Clinton about her inability to handle their heat,” according to the AP.