Where to Find Wild Raspberries in Prospect Park

The Brooklyn park is a surprisingly great place to forage

Dan Myers

The berries were perfectly ripe. 

A giant park in the heart of Brooklyn might not come to mind as an ideal place to forage for raspberries, but it happens to be high berry season, and a little bit of searching can uncover a bounty. You just need to know where to look — and lucky you, we recently uncovered quite a trove.

Should you decide to go out hunting yourself, start at the entrance on Prospect Park Southwest between 10th and 11th Avenues. Before you get to the paved path, however, look to your right and you’ll notice the beginnings of a trail made of woodchips heading slightly uphill. Follow that trail for a minute or so until the woodchips end, then walk along the (now dirt) trail for another 50 or so feet. Look to your left, and you’ll find a dense thicket that’s loaded with raspberries ripe for the picking.


Make sure you give them a thorough washing before eating them (no pesticides around these parts), and enjoy Brooklyn’s bounty!