When Do Chains Give Away Free Food?

Fast-food chains and other chain food shops give away a lot more free food than you may realize. When a chain releases a new menu item, they'll occasionally choose a handful of days that the item will be available for free, so be on the lookout for coupons whenever you hear about a chain launching a new menu item, and be prepared to stand in line. Here are a few chains that give out free food:

Ben & Jerry's
Every year on or around April 8, all locations of Ben & Jerry's hand out a free cone to everyone who wants one. You can stay tuned on when it's happening this year on their website, or just look for the lines that stretch around the block!

The burrito chain launched a special promotion for Valentine's Day this year: if you buy a burrito with their new cheesy sauce and kiss someone (presumably whoever you come with, but it can also be a "willing stranger" on demand), both burritos will be free. No word on whether this will become a yearly tradition!

Until February 14, McDonalds (as a part of a campaign that launched during a Super Bowl ad) will be giving meals away to people who "Pay with Lovin'." Whether that's a hug, calling your mom, or a high-five, if you're randomly selected, all it'll take is some "lovin'" to get your meal for free.

Want a free Slurpee? Just head to your local 7-Eleven on July 11 every year (7/11, get it?) and you'll be the proud new owner of a free small Slurpee