What's the Most Expensive Restaurant in the World?

It’s probably not any of the restaurants that you’d expect

A meal at Sublimotion will seriously mess with your head. 

Most of us have our own definitions of what makes a restaurant expensive. For some, any restaurant with entrées that average more than $20 are considered expensive; others reserve that description for places where main courses pass the $40 mark. But what’s the most expensive restaurant on earth?

There’s a restaurant in Ibiza, Spain that makes other exorbitantly priced restaurants — like New York City’s Masa and Paris’ Le Meurice, where tabs can stretch beyond $500 per person — look like child’s play. At Sublimotion, which opened last year, a meal costs 1,500 euros ($1581 USD) per person.

Located at an undisclosed “magical point on the island” at the Ibiza Hard Rock Hotel, this avant-garde restaurant seats only 12 guests at a time, and the restaurant’s goal is to be “where the best Spanish avant-garde cuisine and the most surprising and magical show come together in a single unique experience.”

The restaurant refers to its dining room, where guests enjoy 20 courses at a single large table, as a “microenvironment.” Computers control the lighting, scents, music, patterns on the tables, scenic views on the walls, and even the humidity.


Paco Roncero, the chef and visionary behind the restaurant, has been awarded with two Michelin stars, so you know that the main event — the food — will be good as well. But is the experience worth 1,500 euros? We’ll let you be the judge of that. All we know is that Sublimotion is the most expensive restaurant in the world.