What's The Lowest Calorie Donut At Dunkin' Donuts?

You might think that a doughnut is a doughnut, and that none of them are on the healthy end of the spectrum. While you certainly won't find anyone claiming that doughnuts can be a health food, the offerings at Dunkin' Donuts actually run the gamut from decidedly artery-clogging to decidedly low-cal. There are plenty of offerings that contain fewer than 300 calories, so if you're hankering for a doughnut but don't want to completely ruin your diet, what's the one doughnut you should order?

While you might think that the sugar raised donut or the plain glazed donut has the least calories, in fact it's the French cruller that's the least unhealthy. The French cruller contains 220 calories, 15 grams of fat, seven grams of saturated fat, and 10 grams of sugar. If you're looking for a doughnut that's not exactly bad for you, then you're never really going to be in luck, but if you're looking for a sweet treat, you could do a lot worse, calorie-wise, than a light and eggy French cruller.