What's The Healthiest Frozen Pizza?

If you know anything about nutrition, you probably know that pizza isn't especially good for you. Frozen pizza, which usually contains preservatives and chemicals to make sure the pizza survives its stay in the freezer case, tends to be even more unhealthy. But are there any frozen pizzas that are downright healthy? You might be surprised, but there are.

The first thing you should look at when you're shopping for frozen pizza is the fat and calorie count, obviously, but there are a couple other things you should pay attention to as well: the serving size (many frozen pizzas contain at least three servings), and the ingredients; try to find a pizza with as few chemicals and possible. If the pizza is topped with vegetables instead of just cheese and pepperoni, that's also a plus.

If you're looking for healthy frozen pizza, there are a few brands that you should start with. Kashi's pizzas are generally healthy (we're fans of the Mushroom Trio & Spinach pie), as are Newman's Own (Roasted Vegetable Thin & Crispy is a good one). Amy's is also getting involved in the pizza game — the brand's Roasted Vegetable pizza is good, and its Light & Lean line very well might have the healthiest pizzas on the market.