What's Better Than Spending the Day Eating Ice Cream and Cupcakes in New York City?

Nothing, so get ready for Sugartooth Tours, which begins its sweet summer adventures June 11
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Sugartooth Tours

Go sugar crazy with a Cupcake Crawl or a Frozen Treats Tour — or both if you're like me — this summer.  

If you're anything like most New Yorkers, getting around in the summer on hot, sticky subways is not ideal. Why not explore on foot? Discover the best cupcake and ice cream spots in the city with Sugartooth Tours, which begins its summer tours June 11th!

There are new places popping up constantly all over New York City, so whether you're a native or just here on vacation, try out all the latest sweet treats that you've seen blowing up your Instagram feed! With the options of either the Downtown Village to Village Cupcake Crawl and the Ice Cream Summer Sundays Frozen Treats Tour, you're guaranteed to end the day full and satisfied with your day of dessert adventures.

Check out America's wierdest cupcakes.

Each tour will give you the opportunity to not only eat a wide variety of desserts, but also explore through areas of Manhattan you otherwise wouldn't have a reason to.

This year’s Downtown Village Cupcake Crawl ventures through the East Village and West Village while eating cupcakes and even creating your own along the way. If you're more of an ice cream person, the Ice Cream Summer Sundays tour features stops in Union Square, Little Italy, and Soho. Icy treats to cool you off include New York’s most uniquely flavored ice creams, ice-cream sandwiches, artisanal gelato, frozen yogurt, and more.

The Downtown Village to Village Cupcake Crawl runs Saturdays at 3:00 p.m. starting June 11th, while the Ice Cream Summer Sundays Frozen Treats Tours runs Sundays at 1 p.m. from June 12-August 28. For more info, click here.

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