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What Time Does Taco Bell Start Serving Lunch?

When do Taco Bell’s breakfast hours end?

Taco Bell rolled out its biggest innovation in decades a couple years ago with the introduction of the breakfast menu. Whereas most fast-food breakfasts offer more or less the same selection of sandwiches, Taco Bell’s 15-item breakfast menu includes unique offerings like AM Crunchwraps and grilled breakfast burritos. But what time does the chain stop serving breakfast and start serving its traditional lunch menu?

Taco Bell starts serving its breakfast menu at 6 a.m., an hour later than some competitors, and stops serving breakfast at 11 a.m. As for when lunch starts, it can vary: Most locations will start serving lunch at either 9 or 10 a.m., but some will serve lunch at all hours, from open to close. (Taco bell is a rare chain that serves breakfast and lunch simultaneously.) As opposed to burger chains, which need to stop serving breakfast earlier in order to clear griddle space for burger patties, Taco Bell can get away with serving cheesy bacon burritos for just a little bit longer. 

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