What Time Does Pizza Hut Start Serving Lunch?

When does Pizza Hut’s lunch menu start?

When's the earliest we can buy one of these?

Oh, Pizza Hut. America’s largest pizza chain is also one of its most dynamic, with wild menu items all over the world, various concepts that have come and gone, and an eagerness to embrace the most modern of technology. But before it became the ubiquitous chain it is today, it was just another small business founded by two guys with a dream: College-age brothers Dan and Frank Carney, who  borrowed $600 from their mother and opened a pizza restaurant near Wichita State University on May 31, 1958, at the suggestion of a local real estate agent who was looking to rent a former bar and convinced them that pizza would be a good concept. But while there may be no shortage of new and exciting menu items to discover, there’s one thing that Pizza Hut doesn’t serve: breakfast. So what time does it start serving lunch?

Most fast food chains that don’t serve breakfast open at about 10:30, but just about every location of Pizza Hut opens a little later than that, at 11 a.m.; restaurants tend to close at either 10 or 11 p.m. During its open hours, the menu doesn’t changes, so the chain starts serving lunch as soon as it opens.