What Time Does KFC Start Serving Lunch?

When does the chain start serving its lunch menu?

Sadly, KFC doesn't offer breakfast. 

Howdy, folks! Kentucky Fried Chicken is America’s most popular fried chicken chain, with an expansive menu of several different types of fried chicken, sandwiches, box meals, side dishes, bowls, pot pies, and desserts. But what time does the chain start serving lunch?

KFC is one of the only remaining fast-food chains that doesn’t serve breakfast (although it’s offered in certain countries, like Singapore), which means that the “lunch menu” is just the regular menu, and it’s available from open to close.

So when does the restaurant open and close? Each KFC franchise owner is allowed to set the specific opening and closing times based on what best suits their business, but the vast majority open their doors at either 10 or 10:30 a.m.  It remains to be seen whether the company will ever decide to roll out breakfast, but based on the success that Taco Bell has had with theirs, we won’t be surprised if KFC is next.


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