What the Pros Eat Before a Golf Match (and on the Course) Slideshow

Tiger Woods

Wikimedia Commons/Angela George

This iconic golfer takes his diet very seriously, often posting tips and insights into his personal regimen on his website. He explains, "When it comes to eating right, I'm pretty easy to please. I stick to lean meats and seafood, lots of fruits and vegetables, and no junk food. My typical breakfast is an egg-white omelette with vegetables. Lunch and dinner is usually grilled chicken or fish with salad and vegetables. Protein ranks high in my diet because it helps build muscle tissue. I also take daily supplements for bone protection and nutritional support."

Woods also recently tweeted that his favorite thing to eat on the course is a peanut butter and banana sandwich and almonds. Frequent spectators have also seen Woods munch on a piece of fruit between holes, specifically apples and bananas. 

Jim Furyk

Wikimedia Commons/Keith Allison

Furyk, the 2003 U.S. Open champion, maintains a healthy diet filled with fruits, vegetables, and plenty of vitamin D and calcium to keep his bones strong. On the course he likes to keep energy bars on hand to sustain him; Furyk is particularly fond of Larabars

Phil Mickelson

Wikimedia Commons/Minds-Eye

Acclaimed golfer Phil Mickelson initially adopted a vegetarian diet in 2010 after being diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, but after five months he went back to eating meat. Mickelson still maintains a vegetable-heavy diet, but supplements with lean meats and proteins. He has been spotted eating fruit, specifically bananas, and drinking water on the course.

Carl Pettersson

Swedish golf pro Carl Pettersson takes a fairly unconventional approach to dieting — after winning his fifth PGA Tour event this year he was quoted as saying that his diet, "10 beers and a tub of ice cream before bed," was the key to his success. He says that he tried maintaining a strict diet a few years ago but it poorly affected his golf game. 

Adam Scott

Wikimedia Commons/The Agency

This Australian golf pro carries around Clif Bars to keep his energy up while on the course. He also carries Nuun hydration tablets to replenish him. Scott also eats fruit between holes and sips Gatorade. 

Keegan Bradley

When he’s out on the course, Keegan Bradley likes to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on multigrain bread, almonds, raisins, peanuts, trail mix, and always packs a few Clif Bars.