What Makes Kerrygold Butter So Good?

Without a doubt, Kerrygold is one of the tastiest butters that you can buy, and thankfully it's now available at most major supermarkets. When compared side-by-side with companies like, say, Breakstone's, Kerrygold butter is yellower and has a richer, creamier texture and a deeper flavor. But when you look at the ingredients listing, just about all salted butters list the same ingredients: cream and salt. So what's the deal? Why is Kerrygold so good?

If it's not in the salt, it has to be in the cream. Cream comes from cows, cows eat the grass, and the grass Kerrygold cows eat is grown in Ireland. Here's what the Kerrygold website has to say about the Emerald Isle:

"The year-round temperate weather and moisture-bearing southwesterly winds create a smorgasbord for our cows, who dine on rich, fertile grass in the rolling green pastures that dominate our countryside. We rely on a cooperative of small Irish dairy farmers with centuries of natural cheese-making traditions to turn the rich, sweet milk that is produced into the best-tasting cheese and butter in the world."

So there you have it! When it comes to great butter, it's all about the grass.