What Does Soylent Actually Taste Like?

We've been hearing a lot lately about Soylent, a meal replacement that offers a full day's nutrition in a ready-to-drink format, with 400 calories and 41 grams of fat per bottle. It's also loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, and has been fine-tuned to the point where drinking five bottles of it daily would provide everything needed to sustain a healthy 2,000-calorie diet. There's no denying that the product is very cool and very sci-fi, but one question remains: What does it taste like?

We got our hands on some of the first pre-mixed Soylent, which was released in September 2015, and tried some for ourselves.

Soylent is creamy (with a texture similar to whole milk or cream), with a very mild if not bland flavor. If you've ever had a protein shake, that's probably the closest analogy we can make, but with very little in the way of sweetener or flavoring; it's about as sweet as milk is, too. There are no specific flavors you can isolate, so it's clear this this is a product that's meant to be consumed, not enjoyed. It's not sweet, it's not savory, there's not much aftertaste. It's hard to actively dislike it, but it's also hard to actively enjoy it.

So if you're planning on getting on the Soylent bandwagon, we can safely tell you that its flavor, for better or worse, is completely benign.