What Does Brain Taste Like?

Brains aren't something that we usually think about eating, mostly because they're such a vital organ and we assume they can't possibly be edible. But in reality, animal brains are commonly eaten all around the world, and make their way into everything from tacos to high-end French cuisine. Pork and veal are usually the most frequently eaten brains (brains from cows over 30 months old are illegal because the risk of mad cow disease), and thanks to this Reddit thread, we can get a pretty good idea of what they taste like.

If you find a taquería that's selling brain tacos and you order one, you'll be handed a taco that, well, looks like it has chunks of brain in it. Take a bite you'll find that it has the texture of firm tofu with an almost custard-like creaminess and a rich, umami savoriness, but not too much in the way of inherent flavor.

The texture of brain has been compared to that of scrambled eggs, and indeed, brains mixed with scrambled eggs is a popular way to eat them in the United States. The flavors reportedly complement each other, with the brains lending richness. In St. Louis, sliced and fried calves' brains on white bread or a hamburger bun is a popular sandwich, and people seem to love it.

If you're planning on eating brain, you're more than welcome to, but if you have an issue with it, it'll probably be related to the texture instead of the flavor. But keep in mind that brains are absolutely loaded with cholesterol, making them one of the unhealthiest things you can eat.