What Do Barack And Michelle Do On Date Night?

Barack and Michelle Obama might live in the White House, but just like any couple they still like to hit the town every so often. When date night comes around, what do they do?

The Obama's first post-election date was at Chicago's upscale Spiaggia. The second Obama date, which happened four months into his presidency, also caused a fair amount of backlash. They took a private jet from Washington to New York, a helicopter to Manhattan, had dinner at the upscale restaurant Blue Hill, then took in a Broadway play. The total bill was estimated at about $72,000, which ruffled some feathers, but you have to admit it was pretty romantic.

Most other dates have been decidedly less flashy. They dined at New York's acclaimed Estela on 2014, when Obama's card was famously declined (it had been canceled due to inactivity). They also dine out closer to home in the Washington, visiting upscale Indian restaurant Rasika in D.C.'s West End to celebrate Obama's 52nd birthday in 2013, and local Italian spot Tosca in 2011.

What do the Obamas do on date night? Like most of us, they find a romantic dinner spot and enjoy a nice meal.