This Is What a 15-Patty Burger That Costs $50 Looks Like

Could you accomplish the Mission Impossible Challenge?

A Chicago restaurant is selling a 15-patty burger either à la carte for $50 or as part of their Mission Impossible Challenge for $65.

A Chicago area restaurant is selling a burger made with fifteen 3.5-ounce steak patties as part of a meal challenge that allows diners to win various prizes. 

Located in bustling downtown Chicago, SafeHouse Chicago’s OOmg Burger is a doozy ordered either by itself for $50 or as part of their Mission Impossible Meal for $65. 

The Mission Impossible Meal includes the enormous burger topped with Cheddar, American and pepper jack cheeses alongside 2 pounds of SafeHouse’s famous C4 cheese curds and a 51-ounce pour of their Proprietary Code Beer, made exclusively for SafeHouse by Motor Row Brewing in Chicago.

SafeHouse Chicago

Should anyone undertaking the massive challenge actually succeed in clearing their plate, they will receive the meal for free, their name will be recorded on the “Wall of Spies” at SafeHouse restaurant, and they will be given a SafeHouse T-shirt, a giant SafeHouse beer glass, and one free burger every month for a year.

SafeHouse Chicago

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