Wendy's Disses Burger King, McDonald's on Mixtape

You could call their beef ‘supersized’
wendy's mixtape

Wendy’s has officially dropped the hottest mixtape of 2018. Please read that sentence again, because we are not kidding. The fire-on-Twitter fast food brand busted out a five-song mixtape called We Beefin? full of disses aimed at fast food royalty McDonald’s and Burger King.

“The mixtape drops now. Not pulling punches. We Beefin’,” Wendy’s tweeted from their official Twitter account, including photos showing off track names like “Twitter Fingers,” “Rest in Grease,” and “Clownin.”

The mixtape, available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play, is supposedly rapped by Wendy, their red-haired mascot. [related]

If true, that little red-haired girl can spit mad bars. In the absolute banger “Rest In Grease,” Wendy (who sounds like a mix between Nicki Minaj and Kelis) calls out McDonald’s for their broken ice cream machines. "You No. 1? That's a joke / Why you ice cream machine always broke? / Why you drive-thru always slow? / Why you innovation just can't grow? / It's Queen Wendy, need I say more?"

“Holding It Down” grills the heck out of Burger King and their menu. "And BK, don't think that you got away / You copied my old menu and put it out on replay / They bring it back like rebates / fresh food on your dinner plate / Killin’ me Smalls, okay? / I’mma say it again: Don’t play with me it ain’t safe / You can’t always have it your way so give it up like today.”

Just in case McDonald’s was trying to take the high road, Wendy’s insured that the Golden Arches would hear that shots were fired. They tweeted at the brand, “Don’t sleep on this mixtape.”

Of course Twitter went nuts for Wendy’s bops that grilled their competition to crisp.

While we love a good #beef, we also love a great burger. Check out our list of the 101 best burgers in America, and notice how Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and Burger King aren’t on it.

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