Wendy's Had A Rap Battle With Wingstop And We Can't Handle The Heat

"It was all a meme," said Biggie Smalls, as he kicked off the most epic fast-food rap battle of modern history. Disclaimer: That's not true, but seriously — @LeftAtLondon posted a meme to her Twitter account Oct. 1 that showed GameStop and Wingstop storefronts side-by-side. She wrote, "Isn't this that Migos song," in reference to the rap group's hit "Bad and Boujee," which begins: "Raindrop, drop-top."

It all went uphill from there.

Wingstop's official Twitter account replied: "Gamestop, Wingstop, Copped a new game for the Xbox. Saucin' and tossin' our wings in a pot, pot. We got that Original Hot, Hot."

Wendy's rebutted with Kendrick Lamar lyrics, "Sit down, be humble. (wink-face emoji)"

Then, Wingstop said, "Be there. Done that. Bring something fresh... not frozen. (wink-face emoji)"

That's when Wendy's truly brought the heat: "Fresh, never frozen since 69. Trying to cop that mixtape, better get in line. Grabbed a couple wings now you're trying to fly. But nothing gets 'em dipping like a Frosty and fry (kissy face emoji)."

Things went zero to one hundred real quick. Wingstop got sassy and said, "A frosty and a fry? Giiirl bye. Wingstop flavor bringin' all the cravers! They eat us now and save you for later. (peace sign emoji)"

Refusing to back down, Wendy's replied, "Please. They eat us now, they eat us later. Adding up our Wins on a calculator. You're a laughless clown, or a king that's throneless. Let me get those wings uuuuhhhhhhh boneless."

Wingstop didn't falter. They wrote, "Add 'em up, add 'em up. Ain't nothin' like Wingstop ranch in a cup. Not here to throw shade, just spittin' some heat. (Burger emoji)/(chicken drumstick emoji) nah, that's weak."

Wendy's came in really strong with another verse and some dental hygiene advice: "Wings flying high but it's time to run. Cuz we're serving up bars on a warm toasted bun. We keep it spicy with our chicken, our flow, and memes. So nighty night now, brush your teeth, sweet dreams."

Wingstop bid farewell by saying, "You tried it... you really did. Who'd you borrow those lines from Sid the kid? It's closing time and we're leaving frozen beef behind."

But Wendy's wasn't actually done yet. They dropped the mic with one last verse: "We know why the chicken crossed the road. But you crossed the boss and straight got told. We had some fun, but yeah we're through. Gift wrapping this L to send home with you."

Wendy's was clearly the winner of that lyrical battle. We can't wait for their mixtape to drop. For more fried chicken and French fries, check out these 25 things you didn't know about your favorite fast food chains.