We Bet You Never Noticed This Mind-Blowing Fact About Toucan Sam

Toucan Sam is one of the cereal world's longest-serving mascots, serving as the face (and nose) of Froot Loops since 1963. Originally voiced by legendary voice actor Mel Blanc and later taken over by the also-legendary Paul Frees, the cartoon toucan is instantly recognizable, with his giant beak and British accent (which was originally an imitation of actor Ronald Colman's voice). But even if you can draw Toucan Sam from memory, we bet that there's something you never noticed about him.

If you look closely at Toucan Sam's beak, you'll notice that there are actually three stripes on it: pink, red, and yellow-orange. The reason for these colors is no accident: They were among the original colors of the cereal!

Nowadays, Froot Loops come in eight colors: red, yellow, orange, green, purple, pink, blue, and gold. But the colors on Toucan Sam's nose are a throwback to the cereal's earliest days.

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