Watch: Stephen Colbert Eats Lunch With Us In New Web Series

If you're a fan of Stephen Colbert, you'll definitely enjoy this brand-new video. The soon-to-be host of The Late Show is launching a daily weeklong web series called Stephen Colbert Has Stephen Colbert's Daily Lunch With You Starring Stephen Colbert. 

The premise of the video is simple: Colbert wants to get to know his audience better and has decided that lunch is the perfect way to break the ice.

"What better way to bond with you than over lunch?" he asks in the video. "After all, these days, a lot of people eat their lunch alone at their desks, watching videos like these."

After the introduction, it's lunchtime. We fade into a cubicle, where Colbert quickly explains that he is trying to lose weight before his tenure as the host of The Late Show starts. His diet? Foods with "small-sounding" names, like Little Caesars pizza and Thin Mints. 

He also reads a note from his "wife," shares his dreams beyond work, and discusses his run-in with the law due to exotic bird smuggling (yes, exotic bird smuggling).

Colbert is scheduled to become the new host of The Late Show in September, following in the footsteps of late-night legend David Letterman.

One new video will be released every day this week.