Watch: Company Tries to Prove Their Dog Food Is Good by Tricking Humans Into Eating It

Freshpet served dishes made with dog food to unsuspecting people

Meatballs, burgers, and taco meat were all made of Freshpet dog food.

A pet food company called Freshpet duped a handful of people into eating their dog food, and believe it or not, everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Participants were given food cooked by Utah Valley University chefs who claimed the dishes were some of their favorites. The group was told that they’d be sampling a classic bacon burger, Southwestern chicken tacos, and spaghetti and meatballs, and were asked to give their honest opinion on the food.

The general consensus of the group was positive, with participants saying it looked pleasant, smelled good, and that they wanted to eat it. 

When they dug in, the praise continued.

“The chicken tacos, they’re really good and just gives you that tropical taste,” said one little girl before taking another bite.

One person said it was the best burger he’d ever eaten and another called the food “just perfect.” 

After the diners finished their meals, the chef walked out with a covered silver platter asking if the group wanted to learn what the secret ingredient was. He removed the cloche to reveal a package of dog food. 

There was all-around disbelief among the participants (along with a lot of laughter) after they found out they’d been eating dog food. A handful of participants even continued eating the food, and one kid brought home a burger home with him (we can assume in a doggy bag), according to a video.


Freshpet was trying to prove that their dog food is good enough that people can’t even tell the difference, and watch the results in the video below.