Watch: 100 People Try Durian, The Smelliest Fruit In The World

Cut had 100 people sample the notoriously fragrant durian fruit to get their reaction on tape. Durian is known for having an intense smell that some people liken to rotting meat or hot garbage. Although the spike-covered fruit is widely reviled for its scent — it's even illegal to carry it on public transportation in some parts of Asia — it is also enjoyed by many.

In the video, Cut puts the putrid fruit to the test with 100 different people to gauge public reaction.

"What is that? It looks like a fossil! Oh! It's a fruit..." exclaimed one of the puzzled test subjects after being handed a hefty slice.

Many people did not seem to have any idea as to what the fruit even was. "It's what?" was a popular response from testers at the beginning of the video.

Although some people agreed that it smells like "trash that's been under a heat lamp," others said it smelled "good" or like "mango or pineapple."

People's reactions to actually eating the fruit were even more diverse. Most people had an issue with the texture and found the flavor so strong that they started coughing.

"It kind of tastes like an onion and then a little bit like garbage," said one participant. But other participants found that it tasted like egg salad, popcorn, garlic, coconut, and even meat. We bet these durian taste-testers didn't know that the fruit is one of the 20 weirdest aphrodisiacs around the world.