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Waitress Speaks Out After Customers Leave Makeup ‘Tip’

The two teens offered insulting advice in lieu of gratuity

A pizza-parlor waitress in Indiana, who is also an aspiring makeup artist, is speaking out against a cruel note left by customers. Instead of leaving a tip on the credit card slip, they wrote, “Here’s a tip: Contour is supposed to blend.”

Kelsi, who chooses to withhold her last name, spoke to about the incident. “My heart kind of dropped for a second,” she explained. “I had really bad body image issues and for a long time I didn’t feel good enough. All those thoughts zoomed back in my head.”

She continued, “A second later, I thought, you know what, I spent a lot of time doing my makeup today. Who are they to say that my contour is messed up, or that my makeup doesn’t look good? Because I know it looks good, and it looks good to me.”

Kelsi shared an Instagram photo of her makeup that day alongside a snapshot of the insulting credit card slip. She tells her story in the caption, claiming that her customers — two young women — were happy until the moment they received their bill.

“When I returned to pick it up, they demanded they speak to a manager because they ‘didn’t have enough money’ and I ‘didn’t tell them exactly how much their food was going to cost them’ even though they had the menus for a good 20 minutes before they decided what they wanted,” she wrote. “Long story short my manager would not discount their food because they shouldn’t have ordered food they couldn’t pay for, and it was not my responsibility to tell them while they were ordering how much it costs after tax and everything.”

The girls ended up using a credit card to pay for the meal, but left nothing for a tip.

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Kelsi’s Instagram post has been liked over 2,000 times, and the comments section is flooded with positive remarks. By the way, here are 11 things you should never say to your server.