Waffle House Responds To Lawsuit, Says 'Exploding' Dishes Did Not Injure Diner

Waffle House is more than willing to appease diners' desires for smothered hash browns, but they're not about to cave to one former litigious customer.

The restaurant chain recently responded to a pending lawsuit filed by Larry Graham, a patron who claims his hearing was damaged after an "explosion" of dishware erupted from the kitchen of a Waffle House in Roswell, Ga., reports The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

According to Graham, who resides in nearby DeKalb County, he was dining at the Waffle House with a coworker in March 2015 when they heard a loud explosion from the food prep area, which was reportedly caused when a batch of hot plates from the sanitizer were sprayed down with cool water.

In his lawsuit, Graham not only alleges that he suffered hearing damage from the explosion, he's also claiming that a piece of glass flew out of the kitchen and lodged in his ear. The plaintiff also claims that he suffered further injury when he pulled an arm muscle during the commotion.

But Waffle House isn't buying it.

Kelly Thrasher-Bruner, a spokeswoman for the Norcross, Ga.-based chain, says they've got the whole incident on video, and it didn't play out the way Graham has described.

According to Thrasher-Bruner, there was no "explosion" at all — someone in the kitchen merely dropped a plate. Furthermore, Thrasher-Bruner says Graham wasn't even nearby when the accident happened.

"At no time was he close to the area where the plate was dropped," Thrasher-Bruner told The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

"In addition, the video shows he had no sudden reaction that would be expected if he had been hit by a piece of the plate when it was dropped."

Graham is suing for damages of over $10,000, as well as lost wages, pain and suffering, and other expenses.

This article was originally published on FoxNews.com on March 2, 2017.

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