Vlasic Pickle Chips Might Be Coming to the Snack Aisle

Cucumbers are evolving again

These aren’t just pickle-flavored potato chips.

Pickles! Do we have your attention? Vlasic, the pickle brand with the talkative stork mascot, may quite possibly be releasing pickle chips by the bag. These aren’t your traditional juicy hamburger or pizza topping, though. They’re vacuum-fried.

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Most pickle chips come in brine by the jar or fried in a basket with some dip on the side. Vlasic’s new innovation would be real crunchy deydrated pickles that you can just buy at the supermarket. Kind of like potato chips, but better. That could be dangerous for some snack-obsessed people who may or may not be uncontrollably enamored with the flavor. No, we are not talking about us. OK, yes we are.

But don’t get too excited, though. This product is still in the early stages of development, so there’s no real guarantee for a release date just yet. In an email to The Daily Meal, a spokesperson for Vlasic parent company Conagra (whose portfolio also includes Slim Jim, Duncan Hines, Marie Callender’s and Reddi-wip) said, “At this point, the pickle chips are in our innovation pipeline, but still in development.” She had no further information to share.


But! In an interview with Food Business News, Conagra co-chief operating officer and executive vice president Thomas M. McGough said the salty snack tastes “absolutely fantastic,” so we’ll hold onto hope that all goes swimmingly and we’ll see a nationwide rollout sooner than later. For now, we’ll keep the idea of these in our heart, as we do for these 15 international potato chip flavors we long to try.