A Visit To The Ben & Jerry's Flavor Graveyard Slideshow

High on a hill, the graveyard looms...

Devil’s Food Chocolate, 1996-2001

"The Devil took the blame
For all the rich indulgence.
Now watch him fan the flame,
melting puddles of wicked succulence."

Urban Jumble, 2000-2001; Makin’ Whoopie Pie, 2002-2003

"The chaos & cacophony of busy city life
lies peaceful under a maple tree, the flavor lost its strife."

"Though we sure loved
Makin' Whoopie Pie
And you loved eatin' the stuff,
After a while we all had to admit
It just wasn't Whoopie enough."

Bovinity Divinity, 1996- 2001

"Where do all the cows go when heaven gives the word?
This flavor kicked the bucket when angels took the herd."

Holy Cannoli, 1997-1998; Dastardly Mash, 1979-1991

"Now in front of the pearly gates,
Holy cannoli sits and waits.
What brought its ruin no one knows,
Must have been the pistachios."

"Here the brazen DASTARDLY lies.
Some say that raisin,
Caused its demise."


Tennessee Mud, 1988-1989

"The bottle is empty,
The cup, and the glass.
Mud with Jack Daniels
Was not meant to last." 

Peanut Butter and Jelly, 1998-1999; Wild Maine Blueberry, 1992-1993

"An unbeatable duo!
Yet somehow it managed
To flop in a cone,
So we stuck to the sammich."

"Wild Maine Blueberry
From the land of the puffin,
Now when we crave you
We turn to the puffin."

Peanuts! Popcorn! 2000-2000; Rainforest Crunch, 1988-1988

"Peanuts! Popcorn!
Mix 'em in a pot!
Pop 'em in your ice cream!
Well, maybe not." 

"With aching heart & heavy sigh
We bid Rainforest Crunch goodbye.
That nutty brittle from exotic places
Got sticky in between our braces." 

Cool Brittania, 1995-1998; Oh Pear, 1997-1997

"A flavor so smashing-
& yet it fouled out;
Strawberries & shortbread-
a love match devout
But sadly it missed
all the fame it deserved,
A bit too much English
put into the serve." 

"Oh Pear, Oh Pear,
A mixture of mirth
All nannies did weep
When you left of this earth."

White Russian, 1986-1996; Economic Crunch, 1987

"Bid adieu to ol' White Russian,
Our tears, they are a-gushin'
But in our scoop shops,
please don't forget,
Dead it's not, oh no, not yet."

"A delightful mash,
This flavor we remember,
For the stock market crash
on the sixth of November."