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The Hilarious Reason This Pizza Order Is Going Viral

‘Be nice to Frank, he guards the tomatoes’
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A spider named Frank is getting the recognition he deserves after the receipt to his guardian’s pizza order went viral on Reddit. The order started off with normal topping instructions for the pie’s preparation, but the requests that followed were a little bizarre.

“Crust a little crisper than normal But not too crispy… if that’s not vague enough — make it like you’re taking revenge on a cheating boyfriend, BUT you still want to reconcile in the not so distant future,” the note read.

A second set of details warned the delivery boy of obstacles he would likely face upon arriving at the drop-off location.

“The gate is tricky, please don’t break it. And the spider on the porch is called Frank. Be nice to Frank, he guards the tomatoes,” the customer wrote.

A picture of the receipt was submitted by redditor Rikardose and has garnered nearly 18,000 up-votes in just two days.

To much surprise, the odd instructions have former pizza drivers reminiscing about similar experiences with their own peculiar deliveries.

“Dude I used to love these sorts of deliveries. These are normally the guys that’ll toss you a five every time,” Sanguinesce wrote on Reddit. This comment sparked a conversation about respectable tipping percentages.

“I always tip $5 or more for pizza. Do most people not? That’s easily 20 percent, how could you tip less?” tenforty92 asked.

In The Daily Meal’s definitive guide on how much to tip, one industry veteran suggests leaving waiters and waitresses 25 to 30 percent. As far as delivery drivers go — $3 should be the bare minimum. If it’s raining or cold, if the driver had to travel a long distance, or if the cargo is especially heavy, a couple extra dollars are certainly appreciated.