Vegan Restaurateur And Cookbook Author Hosting Dinner And Demo In NYC

Though its precise pronunciation may pose a challenge for some, the name Isa Chandra Moskowitz is well recognized in the vegan gourmand scene and beyond. Author of myriad cookbooks — including VeganomiconAppetite for Reduction and Vegan with a Vengeance, among others — founder of the Post Punk Kitchen and opener of plant-based restaurant Modern Love Omaha, the born-and-bred Brooklynite will bring her culinary clout to Manhattan's City Winery for two nights next month.

The dinner and demo, to take place Sunday, February 1 and Monday, February 2, are part of a larger tour — aptly titled Isa Live — that also has her stopping in NapaNashville, and Chicago (sold out). Because tickets for Sunday were snatched so fast, New Yorkers with an appreciation for unique dining experiences can still secure seats for Monday.

While we can't speak to the precise details surrounding the events scheduled in other cities, NYC's Isa installment sounds like a fun-filled evening for all: Featuring a two-hour reception from 6 to 8 p.m. followed by a four-course meal with wine pairings, plus the post-punk plant-based chef onstage sharing stories and demonstrating how to prepare the very dishes guests are enjoying, the event costs just $85 per person; pretty reasonable for fans of fantastic food and educational entertainment.

Plus, for diehard Isa devotees, her quick trip to New York affords local folks (and old friends) a chance to not only savor her cuisine, but also encounter her in real life in any capacity. Indeed, Isa has long since abandoned the outer boroughs in pursuit of greener (Great Plains) pastures, upending expectations with the opening of a bustling vegetarian haven in the heart of cow country, aka Nebraska. You know, the same state where this is a thing.

Winning over locals and destination diners alike, Isa's skills in the kitchen at Modern Love have made this talented recipe slinger that much more in demand, however inconvenient the eatery's location may be for residents in our neck of the nation. Unable or unwilling to make the cross-country trip for a seat at one of Isa's increasingly coveted tables? We can't blame you, and have not yet been ourselves.

Groundhog Day is your best prospect to get in on the yum. But, unlike the famed déjà vu-laden Bill Murray flick, this opportunity only comes around once.

Get tickets for February 2 here.