vegan ice cream twitter
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Vegan Dude Freaks Out Over Woman's Selfless Deed, Twitter Comes to the Rescue

‘I’m not about to push the message onto a crying child’
vegan ice cream twitter
RyanJLane / istockphoto

A vegan man berated a vegan woman who bought an unhappy child an ice cream.

A vegan woman was cyber-bullied by a vegan man because she bought regular dairy ice cream for a stranger’s crying child — yeah, you read that right. On April 28, U.K.-based blogger Zara-Anne Borelli recounted her random act of kindness on Twitter writing, “Pulled up to my driveway to find a little girl crying, she didn’t have money for the ice cream van like her friends did so I gave her enough money to get herself a nice big ice cream with sauce, sprinkles and a flake. She was so happy (and soon had ice cream round her mouth).”

How cute, right? Anthony Dagher didn’t seem to think so. The self-described “spiritual, but completely non-religious vegan” slid right into Borelli’s DMs to pick a bone with her. In an extremely long-winded post, the 25-year-old condemned Borelli for “claiming to be a vegan even though she admitted to buying non-vegan ice cream for someone else” and for defending “what she did.” He also said that by messaging her privately, he had hoped she would “see she was wrong,” but instead, she sent a few short jabs.

“I bought a kid an ice cream it isn’t that deep fam,” Borelli told Dagher, as evidenced by screenshots on his Twitter profile. He also included a screengrab of her Instagram page, hoping other vegans would spam her profile.

“It is that deep if the ice cream was non-vegan, which obviously is quite deep to any actual vegan and a severe mistake,” he replied.

“Mate I’m vegan, my mums vegan and my boyfriend is vegan I’m not about to push the message onto a crying child. Lighten the f--- up,” she said before blocking Dagher.

Several people have come to Borelli’s defense with some even telling Dagher he’s an embarrassment to veganism.

“Full offense, you’re an embarrassment to veganism and we have reduced you to ‘plant based,’” wrote @20OZREDBULL.

“So just because you’re vegan means you can’t make a kids day? One ice cream cone isn’t gonna make the world spontaneously combust. Get a grip Anthony,” @VeganGenesis said.

“You’re the kind of vegan that makes non vegans roll their eyes at you instead of attracting them into the lifestyle in a welcoming & kind way,” @DanielaLewko wrote.

“This is a garbage post,” @BestInHelga said.

Borelli also responded to Dagher’s post, writing, “All this because I bought a sobbing child an ice cream, I guess next time I’ll leave the poor kid crying outside my house because Anthony didn’t like it.” This tweet alone has more than 180,000 likes. Dagher’s has just over 6,000.

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